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Arms at the Wall Downward Facing Dog

downward facing dog
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Arms-at-the-wall is a modification for the Downward Dog asana if you have a lot of wrist issues. This asana modification is also an excellent way to relieve stress in the shoulders and spine at your office, in the grocery line up, or at home in the kitchen between peeling and chopping.

Notice that the same action occurs in the arms – active hands – all knuckles pressed in, heel of the hand firmly connecting with the surface, and upper shoulders rolled out via the drawing down and broadening of the shoulder blades. Again you are getting all of the benefits of Downward Dog, as your head is lower than your heart.Continue to breathe and allow that hollow feeling in your lower belly.

You will need to pay attention to keeping the thighs active by continually lifting the kneecaps to emphasize the forward rotation of the pelvic floor. This is an asana you can do at the office, in the kitchen or at the park without any difficulty. Simply find the surface where you will place your hands at hip height. Then walk yourself back until your arms are straight.