Spring Treasure, Bizarre Weather

Recent news from Trinity Yoga Spring 2015 Spring Treasure – Bizarre Weather Spring Equinox Newsletter Happy Spring! I wish this for everyone as I sit in my Vancouver home surrounded by the sweet newborn fragrance of hyacinths blooming on my deck. This is in current contrast to the four feet of snow and blowing blizzards … Read more

Chronic Pain and Yoga

It is important with all inflammatory pain to avoid vigorous movement during times when the condition is flared up. An inflammation in its acute stage needs time to rest and time to heal. Once the flare up is over or subsided then gentle range of motion and weight bearing exercises with a strong focus on … Read more

Joint Pain

Joint pain is generally the result of tight muscles that surround the joint and not a result of something within the joint itself. For knee pain depending on where it is localized you may need to stretch out your quads more. If you feel pain or a strong pulling at the top of the knee … Read more