Fibromyalgia Advice

From my understanding it would be more appropriate to massage before yoga if having them close together at all. Generally a person with fibromyalgia can only take so much stimulus at one time and even though both the massage and yoga are positive practices one with that condition needs to be discerning. In addittion it … Read more

Piriformis Syndrome: a pain in the butt

This article will provide a clearer picture on Piriformis Syndrome and how to use Yoga to manage and ease the associated pain.Piriformis syndrome is a description for a set of symptoms that you feel in your butt area – specifically: A dull ache in the mid-butt area Pain that travels or radiates down the back … Read more

Legs up the Wall | Trinity Yoga

Legs Up the Wall This posture, Virprita Karani, is extremely beneficial for many reasons. First and foremost it is a restorative posture, which allows the body to absorb the condition of relaxation. According to Judith Lasiter one cannot force relaxation one can only set up the conditions for relaxation to occur. Legs up the wall … Read more