For Yoga Teachers

yoga teachers

In the words of the great master BKS Iyengar, Mary-Jo’s first influence in yoga as a student: “One must learn to learn. Learn to teach. Teach to teach, and teach to learn.”

Yoga is an oral and an experiential tradition, therefore there can never be enough good yoga teachers. The journey of becoming a yoga teacher is a personal and collective one, we cannot do it alone, yet have to take it on for ourselves, and then do it for one another. Therein lies the magic and mystery of yoga and the beauty of becoming a yoga teacher. It is truly an honour and a blessing along with a responsibility and gift that we indeed must share.(TK Desikacher)

If you are a yoga teacher looking to specialize and refine your skills, or if you would like to deepen your own practice and spiritual growth, Trinity Yoga and the ART of Living Well with Yoga has something for you. The 45-hour ART (CEd)Practitioners Program in Adaptive/Restorative/Therapeutic Yoga, to the Trinity hallmark 200-hour YTT, to the ART of Living Well with Yoga series, Trinity Yoga offers many courses for the yoga teachers, that can help them further their teaching skills & profession, experience and personal practice.