People from all walks of life are welcome and encouraged in supportive and safe practices that lead to a total experience of well-being.  Students are thoughtfully assessed and then included with assistance, according to their ability, making Yoga4Every-body. An Accessible Yoga class or session may include adapted postures or poses, breath-work and breathing techniques, restorative or releasing techniques, mindfulness or meditation techniques. The practice is adjusted to facilitate the best experience possible for the student using props, bolsters, straps, blankets and blocks to completely support the body.

The ART of Living Well with Yoga

The ART of Living Well with Yoga is a series designed from our extensive backgrounds in healing, wellness and classical yoga. From the tradition of Tantra we begin with an explanation of how to manage your own Pranic energy and Life Force – and to understand how to direct it to achieve certain results by doing so.

yoga4every-bodyBe it better health, healing, anti-aging, a greater capacity for focus and concentration, a particular goal or desire, or simply peace of mind – Yoga offers a utopia of tools, techniques and practical applications to address all of these needs. The gift of the yoga system is that it simple to do and offers immediate results.

This series will begin with a focus on where you’re at now, and what you’d like to change. And then through a series of meditation, breathing, and Vinyasa Krama Asana sequences on the mats, we will weave our way toward managing your most immediate needs for ‘Living Your Best Life’ possible. In Tantra we roadmap a practice in order to fulfill your dharma (purpose), dreams and goals.