Accessible Private Yoga Sessions

People from all walks of life are welcome to experience Accessible Yoga with Mary-Jo Fetterly, Trinity Yoga’s founder. For 30 years, yoga has been Mary-Jo’s passion and profession – she’s worked with some of the best instructors, and also created one of the first Canadian nationally certified 200-hour teacher training program.

accessible private yoga

During your private Accessible/Adaptive Yoga Therapy session, Mary-Jo will provide an in-depth personal assessment, then create an enjoyable, supportive and safe yoga practice designed to fit your specific needs.

An Accessible/Adaptive Yoga private session may include:

  • Adapted postures or poses
  • Breathwork and breathing techniques
  • Restorative or releasing techniques
  • Mindfulness or meditation practices

Using props, bolsters, straps, blankets and blocks to completely support the body, our Accessible/Adaptive Yoga Therapy private sessions are designed to create the best experience possible for each and every student.

“Accessibility” fundamentally suggests an ability to be open, approachable and inclusive – it implies effortlessness and ease. Now, doesn’t that sound like an antidote to stress and the suffering that comes along with it?

Be it better health, healing, anti-aging, focus, a particular goal or simply peace of mind, Accessible/Adaptive Yoga offers a utopia of tools, techniques and practical applications to address all of these needs – and yields immediate results.

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