Do you warm up?

Yoga is no different from other forms of exercise in that you should be sufficiently warm before beginning strenuous postures within a sequence of exercises. However, with this said, yoga often focuses on different aspects then simply increasing heart rate and breaking a sweat. The breath in yoga is very important and if done with … Read more

Rolling to the Right After Savasana

I have often heard the question “why do we roll to the right after savasana?” When I’ve asked the question I’ve received several answers.These are the theories Ive come across: 1. Rolling to the right side of the body is rolling away from the heart (less pressure and weight on the rested and open heart). … Read more

Bending the knees in Uttanasana

It is important for some people to bend their knees during Uttanasana if their lower back is higher then their sacrum. If this is happening they will probably be feeling the stretch primarily in their low back and not in their hamstrings where this stretch is designed to open. By bending their knees they are … Read more