Light on Yoga by Iyengar has some great tips for this posture in his book that may be helpful. Also you could explore drawing your legs in toward the mid line of your body thus balancing out your pelvis. Once your pelvis is balance there will be more space for your shoulder to move as … Read more


According to Light on Yoga you do use the strength of your buttocks muscles in order to lift your legs. This is also recommended in a few other books as well. However with this said yoga has changed and been adapted for our Western culture that does not have the same lifestyle habits as those … Read more

Help with Ardha Chandrasana

Half Moon or Ardha Chandrasana is a beautiful and very challenging posture. If you are working on opening your pelvis to prepare here are some ideas that will help. Because the hips are opening away from each other in Half Moon, postures that do the same like Warrior Two, Triangle and Extended Long Side Angle … Read more