As stress get the centre stage these days the curious question of the body and mind comes in to play again and again. Often the holding or tightness that people experience in their body is not a physical symptom but a psychological one. A student may face a challenge much greater then solely having sciatic … Read more

Remembering the Feet

This article discusses the importance of building a strong and supple foundation in our lower body. Let’s begin by by bringing awareness to the fluidity and support of our feet. Begin in Tadasana. Bring your awareness into the bottom of your feet. Feel your feet touching the floor or your yoga mat. Feel where the … Read more

Core Body Awareness

Certainly one of the gifts of yoga is an amazing awareness of our physical being that may be developed, and the resulting benefits. I have been practicing yoga for nearly twenty years and believed myself to have a fairly good understanding of my body and how it works. Having said that, it was not really … Read more