Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is often associated with an excessive lordotic curve or what is sometimes called a sway back. In order to begin bringing awareness to this and provide some relief you need to bring some length and fullness. To do this tilt your pelvis back, so that you tail bone moves down towards to … Read more

Yoga post surgical removal of the colon?

That is a very interesting question as the practicality of doing public classes with ease and comfort while having to duck out to the washroom presents and understandable challenge. Managing a home practise is different though. I would recommend, to begin with or as a balance in a home practise, the Rest and Renew Restorative … Read more

Surgery and Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful practice not only for the physical benefits but also for the mental and spiritual ones. With this in mind one great way to stay in tune with your yoga practice when you are less able to get on your mat is through visualization. Find a comfortable position sitting or lying down, … Read more