Surgery and Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful practice not only for the physical benefits but also for the mental and spiritual ones. With this in mind one great way to stay in tune with your yoga practice when you are less able to get on your mat is through visualization. Find a comfortable position sitting or lying down, take some time to connect to your breath. Slowly guide yourself through an asana practice. See yourself doing each posture with ease and conscious awareness, stay focused on your breath throughout. Begin with a shorter 20 minute practice, as you may be surprised by the effort this practice takes.

Aside from this option working with strengthen the awareness of your bandhas would also be beneficial. Engaging Jalandhara and Mula Bandha while you lie comfortably can be a great practice. Focus on isolating the action to the specific regions of the throat or top of the cervix/perineum. Begin to engage on your inhale, allowing the action to reach it’s peak at the top of the inhalation and release on the exhale, repeat several times.