Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is often associated with an excessive lordotic curve or what is sometimes called a sway back. In order to begin bringing awareness to this and provide some relief you need to bring some length and fullness.

To do this tilt your pelvis back, so that you tail bone moves down towards to earth. Focus on breathing into your lower back so that the area around your Kidneys, at the base of your lower ribs, begins to expand and broaden. This can be done whenever you remember, simple stop for a second breath and adjust your pelvis. This simple action will also begin to engage your lower belly, gently toning and strengthening your abdominals.

It is also important that you wear comfortable shoes preferably without a heel. One other aspect you can incorporate relates to your head, neck and shoulders. While standing, sitting or walking draw the globe of your head back as if some one was gently pulling it back from the top and bottom of the back of your ears.

This subtle shift will expand the front of your chest, roll your shoulder back and down and allow your spine to become more upright. Be mindful that when you move you head back that it doesnt disrupt your pelvis from dropping down.