Bone Spurs

I had a question from another teacher asking “I have a student who has a heel spur on her right foot and when doing warrior I & II and south-side stretch feels pain into her achilles. Can you advise how to offer alternatives for relief?” I’m assuming that your student experiences pain in her rear … Read more

Tight Feet

I came across a curious question today – “what is the symbolic meaning of tight feet”? This individual was also looking for a modification to Janu Sirsasana C. In my experience, tight feet are unable to receive support from the earth. This tight holding blocks the feminine, magnetic, “earth” energy (which provides a sense of … Read more

Stretching Hamstrings

A great way to stretch your hamstrings safely and avoid your belly at the same time is in a supine or reclined position. Lay on your back with your left leg stretched out long on the floor and your right leg straight up toward the ceiling. Place a strap around the ball of you right … Read more