Pranthi – Stuffed Indian Bread

Pranthi is stuffed bread commonly eaten for breakfast or lunch. It is traditionally made with mashed potatoes, however it can also be made with mashed carrots, yam, winter squash or a variety of other cooked vegetables.

For people of Vata constitution or in the fall it is great served with some plain yogurt lightly spiced with black pepper or mint. For those with Kapha tendencies simple spicy chutney would be good. Clarified butter or Ghee is good for balancing all constitutions and makes it that much more yummy!
6 Mashed potatoes or vegetables of your choice
21/2 Tbs. Crushed cilantro seeds (pungent Vata pacifying herb that removes wind and gas)
2 tsp. Fenugreek leaves powdered (good for the prostate and arthritis prevention)
2 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Cayenne
Mix all the ingredients together until fully combined.

2 C Whole wheat flour

Using a mixing bowl make a hole in the center of the flour, slowly add the water mixing as you go until you have a soft dough.

Take a small ball of dough about the size of a golf ball and dip it in dry flour. Roll the dough ball into a circle the size of a large pancake. Place a small scope of the potato mixture into the center of your dough and fold the edges over into the center covering the potato. Dip both sides again in dry flour and re-roll back into a circle.

Fry in a dry cast iron pan over medium heat. Watch for small bubbles to emerge, flip cooking both sides. Brush both sides with ghee and cook again until your bread smells delicious and is covered with golden spots. Enjoy hot and fresh.