Trinity Facilitator Training

The first annual Trinity Yoga Facilitators Training was held in Vancouver from October 11-14, 2005. It was wonderful to make new connections and reunite with old friends (some of whom I hadn’t seen since my Level Three training almost two years ago). It was also exciting to be a student again – learning and being nurtured by Jennifer and Mary-Jo. Our days were full and rich with open, honest dialogue about what it is like to be a facilitator for Trinity Yoga; the ins and outs of leading a Level One Training. Of course, in true Trinity style, we had lots of hands-on experience and everyone had an opportunity to shine in the spotlight.

In addition to Mary-Jo and Jennifer’s wealth of knowledge, we were blessed to spend a day with Carol-Anne Bickerstaff – who is passionate about learning and facilitation. Carol-Anne’s work regarding structure, function and basic body balance has taken her around the globe. She shared many facilitation tools with us to ensure that a wide variety of individuals get the most out of their learning experience. She also provided insight into our personal learning and communication dispositions. This was very interesting and fun to work with throughout the week.

As a new Facilitator with Trinity, I was energized and moved to be among this group of passionate individuals. We came together, and essentially, marked a new beginning for Trinity. It was a wonderful affirmation to witness the group’s dedication to what Trinity Yoga offers the world. I look forward to the New Year, to new changes, and to new Facilitators!