neti nose best

I irrigated my nostrils last night with my pseudo-neti-pot. It is an efficient tool, although it looks rather alarming, like a massive syringe. It got some hoots at my last teacher training course. Everyone wanted to see me shoot the water up my nose. I did it cautiously, with just the right umph to shoot a clean spray. I was shy about it, especially when the slimer oozed out. Really though, it was nothing to ooh-and-ahh about. Were in Malibu now enjoying summer/winter. It hasn’t gotten that cold, but the temperature drops when the sun sets. My allergies are flaring. I guess Im still allergic to cats. I thought that I had outgrown those but it seems like I just kept my exposure to a minimum.

I led Cristina through an asana practice yesterday. It’s good to flex my teaching muscles, each time I teach I learn more. I must admit that I felt a bit awkward. I was probably trying too hard. Teaching a stranger is one thing; a new sister-in-law is a different story. This is a special friendship in the making, a new part of my family. Before she came over I spent a good chunk of time researching modifications to protect her injured shoulder.

I spent more time exploring savasana. I sat beside Cristina and watched as her belly rose and fell, her breath smooth and long. I closed my eyes and placed my hands on my belly. It was clenched, holding – not wanting to say the wrong thing; speak too loud or talk too fast. I stopped talking and returned to my breath.

I stopped trying and I was present. I saw the value in speaking less and listening more. I discovered that my breath is my best guide. If its relaxed and free-flowing, so am I.