Yoga on Kits Beach

I walked down to Kits beach this morning for my meditation and asana practice. I carried my mat, blanket and silence down to a grassy spot between the trees. Behind me the Yoga Boot Camp sargeant was whooping willing buttocks into shape.What a beautiful contrast…

He was wearing camo and black boots. His students kicked and punched their lululemoned limbs into the air. I sat in silence, wrapped in a furry shawl. I closed my eyes and listened – bicycles whizzed by, runners clomped along and doggies pitter pattered around me.

I sang an improvised version of the mantra that Jen taught us yesterday. “Kundalini, ari-shakti. Namo, namo. Namo, namo…”. As I sang, I held my new Level 3 friends in my heart.

I wiggled around in my downward dog. Between my legs I could see the Boot Campers holding Upper Chaturanga – juicing their abdominals and hopefully breathing.

Stretched out on my mat, I wound my practice down with a few twists. As I turned to face my right – a man armed with a notebook approached. This was not entirely unusual – I have taught yoga to strangers in parks.

He asked me if this was a good time to talk. I smiled and unwound from my twist. He told me about a new TV series that he’s producing the Eternal Wellness Show. He’s looking to recruit a few good yogis for the trailer. Sunrise yoga on the beach … sounds lovely.

The Vancouver Trinity crew popped into my brain. I told him that I’d put him in contact with some beautiful yogis. So if you’re up for being filmed this FRIDAY Sept.8 – please give him a shout. Feel free to pass this message on to any other yoga souls in the area.

Francisco MacDugall 604.733.1890