Anusara Workshop with Sianna Sherman

This evening was the first day of a 3 day workshop with Sianna Sherman – a senior certified Anusara instructor.
If I was to sum up this evening in two words: Authentic Compassion.

Lots of people from around Calgary have gathered to attend Sianna’s first Canadian workshop.

She has a wonderful presence, full of vibrant genuine strength, along with immense compassion and direction.

She begun by saying that Yoga is an invitation. Invitation to knowing your authentic self, and as we enter this time of change in seasons she has taken the class on a very inspired path of fall and cyclic changes, allowing the breath to take us into our being.

I have taken the invitation very personally.

It was a delicious first evening and I look foreword with anticipation for the remainder of the weekend. I left feeling remarkable tranquility and inner peace.

Love and Light