Asanas for the Inflexible

1. Lay on your back with your right leg bent, left leg extended on the floor.

2. Wrap a strap over the sole of your right foot, and hold one end in each hand. Feel your lower back supported on the floor.

3. Keep a soft bend in your right knee, and extend your leg until you feel a very subtle stretch. Take several deep breaths here.

4. To take this a little further, listen closely to your body. Do not force your leg straight or haul on the strap. Wait for your boy to tell you that its time to move a little deeper. You?ll know when it comes.

5. Continue to breath into the deeper stretch. Gently release and switch legs.

Attempting to stretch tight hamstrings while seated or standing will likely be a futile and frustrating experience. The tightness will translate further up the chain, into your lower back. By laying down on your back, you take the lumbar stress out of the equation.