War on Gas

I recently received an email urging me to stop buying gas from Petro-Canada. The goal, effectively, is to see if us consumers “can bring this giant to its knees and force them to lower their prices.”I’m all for consumer activism – but it seems like we’ve got this one backwards. In my mind, the best thing for the planet (and our growing obesity) is to reduce our reliance on cars.

Raising gas prices is an effective way to get us to walk, bike, carpool and take public transportation. It encourages me to shop, work and recreate locally.

I remember when cigarette prices went up and the moaning that ensued. I’m not sure on the stats, but I hope that cancer rates have gone down. And it’s not just the smokers – it’s the second-hand smoke inhalers who’ve also benefited from the price increase.

Perhaps we’re thinking with our wallets and fragile bank accounts rather than with our intelligent foresight. Yes, gas prices hurt, but our children and their children will suffer the illest effect of our greed.

So will you join the Peto-Canada boycott? Do you think your consumer choices can change the world? Do you want gas prices to go down?

I’m curious to find out.