Book Recommendations

There are many fine books available about practising yoga. It might be very confusing which one is best for your needs as you start out. I might suggest you rent a video/dvd from a library if possible to begin practising with some guidance. Books are a little challenging to learn yoga from as it is … Read more

Yoga Diet Books

I can appreciate the myriad of opinions relating to diet and yoga. The most connected topic comes from the ancient wisdom of the sister science to yoga; that of Ayurveda. The specificity and accuracy is remarkable and very much a lifetime of healing, balance and positive results coming from the profound wisdom of Ayurveda. There … Read more

Some Good DVDs

There are many DVD’s on the market these days ranging from Restorative to Power yoga, all of them offering a different message and focus. Rodney Yee has several that I know are good. Eoin Finn from Vancouver BC has two power yoga DVD’s on the market that I believe you can get online both of … Read more