November News

The past few months have been full for Trinity – with change, movement and growth prevailing. With a very powerful Facilitator’s Training course just completed, we are entering into a new and exciting phase. The vision of Trinity “to bring the gifts and essence of yoga to the world” can only be accomplished through the strength and dedication of our community to make this world a better place by empowering individuals.
I recently returned from an in-depth course in California on “Yoga and the Art of Self Mastery” (as described by Patanjali). At a time when we are witnessing a huge popularity in yoga, back dropped against a very volatile political and social environment, I feel more than ever that the true essence of yoga needs to be shared and exemplified. It is important and timely to teach more than just asana for physical benefits.

The great wealth of the Sutra’s teachings is that they deal with every obstacle and distraction that gets in the way of personal self-mastery. The simplicity and poignancy of Patanjali’s methodology is timeless and accessible to everyone.

For Patanjali, the only constant is “purusha”; everything else, “prakriti”, is subject to change. It is dealing with the change and the perceptions cast upon the landscape of the mind that can either create suffering or freedom. Ultimately, in the end we will need tools to do so gracefully, and this is the heart of the Sutra’s.

Trinity is honored and proud to share the wisdom of these teachings and to continually illicit and encourage them individually as a company. I strive more and more for discretion and direction in this regard; as we embrace change and growth. It is only through honest self-reflection and the gift of community that this is possible both in our personal and social lives. Have faith in these changing times, and keep on practicing your yoga.

Blessings, mary-jo