Patenting Traditional Wisdom

Here’s an excerpt from a mind-boggling New York Times article: I GREW up watching my father stand on his head every morning. He was doing sirsasana, a yoga pose that accounts for his youthful looks well into his 60s. Now he might have to pay a royalty to an American patent holder if he teaches … Read more

Yoga Slideshow on

Before I met Rik, I thought that Vanity Fair was a fashion magazine. I soon discovered that it’s brimming with awesome, intellectually stimulating material. Of course, it has an tasty amount of eye candy. Here’s a link to their yoga slideshow, Spiritual Stretching”(wow – Iyengar has a supple spine!). These photos were taken by Micheal … Read more

Second World Ayurvedic Congress – Ayurveda – India’s long kept secret

Second world Ayurvedic congress has wrapped up on November 12th this year. Ayurveda brings to the west a newer and more holistic approach to health care. Where the conventional medicine has failed in treating chronic, stress induced illnesses, a 5000 year-old Indian medicine brings profound knowledge along with dramatic results. As soon as the patient … Read more