November News

The past few months have been full for Trinity – with change, movement and growth prevailing. With a very powerful Facilitator’s Training course just completed, we are entering into a new and exciting phase. The vision of Trinity “to bring the gifts and essence of yoga to the world” can only be accomplished through the … Read more

Christian Yogis

My last blog prompted me to find out more about Christianity and Yoga. I found this interesting blog… Check out Yoga & Christianity. There are some more good links in the “See Also” section (right hand side). What do you think, are Yoga and Christianity compatible?

New-age Crazy?

I heard an interesting, albeit disturbing, program that portrayed yoga as a useless New Age craze. In his radio sermon, Pastor John MacArthur attacked the evils of New Age. He included yogis in his black-list of “the mislead” (and likely demonized) pagans. Heaven forbid an attendee at the Grace Community Church attend a yoga class, … Read more