What kind of yoga is right for me?

“What kind of yoga is right for me? What a great question! I have been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years and I’m still asking it.On the most basic physical level – the ‘kind’ of yoga you practice may reflect your desire to get hot, cool down, open up, tighten up, move quickly, flow slowly…etc. … Read more

How much soreness is normal?

This is a very interesting question. One that I too have wondered about. After taking a hiatus from practising, as in anything, it’s important to ease in wisely. For yoga you might consider starting with some free form dance to loosen up, reduce any tension and warm up the joints and tissues. Vigorous, free form … Read more

Yoga Once a Week?

For many students it is challenging to create and maintain a home based practise. One way to ensure that you get some home practice in during the week to enhance the many benefits of such a powerful practice you might like to buy a DVD or audio CD to help lead you through a series. … Read more