Joints Cracking Too Much?

The sounds emitted from the joints are in my understanding a change in the pressure thus releasing the inherent pockets of gases and recalibrating. I understand through chiropractors that if there is no associated pain there is likely nothing negative however, your practice ought to be generating as much integrity and strength alongside flexibility as … Read more

Christian Yogis

My last blog prompted me to find out more about Christianity and Yoga. I found this interesting blog… Check out Yoga & Christianity. There are some more good links in the “See Also” section (right hand side). What do you think, are Yoga and Christianity compatible?

Is Yoga For You?

The mystical world of yoga has captivated millions of people. Yoga’s popularity is well deserved and timely. The science of yoga offers something for everybody, even you! It is hard to escape the recent North American trend of yoga’s rising popularity. We encounter images and references to yoga in subways, popular magazines and at fitness … Read more