Yoga at a trade fair

Trade fairs are really great opportunity to make the all important personal connection with people who may otherwise not have found what you can offer. In my experience, a demonstration is somewhat helpful but doesn’t often actually bring in peoples queries and the ultimate goal is to attain their contact information or have them get yours. On the flipside demonstrations can show the joy and power of the asanas. Always keep in mind that each individual is actually less interested in you as a booth presenter and truly looking for some way to solve their issues or pain such as back pain, insomnia, dissatisfaction, boredom, tension headaches etc. ASK THEM ALOT OF QUESTIONS SO THAT THEY ANSWER FOR THEMSELVES THAT YOGA CAN OFFER PROFOUND BENEFITS NO MATTER WHERE THEY START. If you can breathe you can practise yoga. Be sure to offer them a freebie or some kind of taster and continually affirm that their current concerns can be addressed by taking up yoga.