Nausea after Pranayama

A student reported that they started to feel nauseous and dizzy after practicing pranayama. They were advised by a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor to not practice for a month as their breathing was bad, and then seek a good teacher to help them with their breathing. They asked for an opinion on this diagnosis.

My reply…The science of Pranayama is a powerful tool when used properly and equally potent when used improperly or without adequate guidance. It seems that the TCMD has pinpointed that your nervous system/energetic balance is off kilter and a rest would be optimal indeed.

The challenge of the Ashtanga yoga approach is that it presents a powerful series of postures combined with a fiery type breath to all kinds of people who each have unique constitutions, medical histories, predilections and lifestyles. Without a one-on-one approach, some people suffer the ill effects of this potent practice instead of the eagerly sought after benefits.

I would heed the advice of the TCMD as he is assessing your energetic body which is accurately reporting what is out of balance. The physical body can adjust to many changes and may not report changes very quickly however your body is already telling you to slow down.