Balancing Personal Practice & Teaching

Balancing your personal practise and teaching several classes a week can be a challenging task. I definitely feel that a shorter more consistent practise is more beneficial in the end then a longer one only once a week.

Also keep in mind that you can incorporate yoga, even yoga asana, into different aspects of your daily routine. For example when you are out walking simple arm stretches or even lunges can be done, or choosing to sit on the floor in butterfly or another hip opener can be great.

I have also found that going to a class myself at least once a week can be very inspiring. Choose a teacher that you can learn from and stick with a schedule, giving yourself this time to rejuvenate.

Lastly fitting in your own personal practise may mean you need to shift something in your life around and make some new choices. Often getting up early, even when this is difficult, can provide the extra hour needed to get in a daily practise without distractions.