Core Body Awareness

Certainly one of the gifts of yoga is an amazing awareness of our physical being that may be developed, and the resulting benefits. I have been practicing yoga for nearly twenty years and believed myself to have a fairly good understanding of my body and how it works. Having said that, it was not really until I started practicing Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga that I had any idea what a bandha was or how that related to my core body, and the consequent implications of that awareness.Augmenting that revelation, I had the opportunity to work with Ana Forrest a couple of years ago and had a huge awakening as to what core strength really could be, and what it wasn’t, in my body, at that time even though I had a dedicated asana practice. Whew, did she ever wake me up!! Needless to say, it was an amazing wake up call because, up to that time I had really only been skirting around deep core awareness with my understanding of bandhas – as limited as it was.

Now, a few years later, I have been practicing with my newfound awareness and developing some techniques of my own and I can honestly say this is some of the most important and profound work you will do, within the context of developing personal strength, core stability, and balanced asanas.

Surynamaskara A

Surya means the sun and namaskara is a greeting of honor and respect to the divinity within each of us. The practice of the sun salutations is a dynamic flow of breath and movement that has many benefits.It is said that this yoga asana will awaken and tone every area of your body. Generally the sun salutations are the warm up component of a yoga practice – generating heat, rhythm and blood flow, as well as allowing the attention of the practitioner to draw inward and still on the flow of the breath. I will be modifying the sequences of Surynamaskara A & B in these video clips in order to give you the alignment and foundation so that when we advance to the full expression of Surynamaskara A & B you will be well grounded in the biomechanics of the movements in order to fully reap the benefits of these age old salutations.

Surynamaskara B

This yoga pose has a beautiful rhythm and movement of opening and closing the body. In particular, it begins to open the hips with the addition of lunges. Suryanamaskara “B” in its full expression has a few more moves that “A”, and will really get you moving and the blood flowing.I have chosen to offer you a very modified version of the traditional asana at this time, as a way of giving you something that prepares your body and also develops your strength and stamina. The full version of this yoga asana, with upward dog, if done properly is very challenging and often there are so many that are not able to do it with any integrity that I prefer to teach modifications until the strength and ability are developed. Keep in mind that the modifications are not for the faint of heart and offer plenty of challenge.