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Legs Up the Wall

legs up the wall
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This posture, Virprita Karani, is extremely beneficial for many reasons. First and foremost it is a restorative posture, which allows the body to absorb the condition of relaxation. According to Judith Lasiter one cannot force relaxation one can only set up the conditions for relaxation to occur. Legs up the wall offers wonderful benefits to the central nervous system, the adrenals, as well as the circulatory system and organs.

It is recommended for those suffering from varicose veins, circulatory problems, menstrual cramps and overall stress.The most difficult aspect of this asana is getting into it correctly, it is rather awkward. Begin with your mat ninety degrees to the wall or a doorframe, with the door securely closed.

Have another mat, tightly rolled up, close by if you would like a deep release in your lower back. Bring yourself to the wall sideways with your buttocks as close to the wall as possible, legs alongside the wall. Then turn into the wall letting your legs go up as your torso lowers down onto the mat.

Upside Down Dog | Trinity Yoga

Upside Down Dog

updside down dog
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Turning yourself “upside down dog” is a good thing. Too often, we live our lives from the neck up, and by thinking too much we lose the moment and our connection to our bodies.Many of our physical problems actually arise simply because we live too much in our heads.

When you turn your world upside down, symbolically & metaphorically, you change that. This yoga asana is excellent medicine for anxiety, obsessiveness and an ego that’s stuck or unyielding.

Inversions (a type of asana in which the feet are lifted higher than the heart) have many other health benefits. The inversion of the circulatory system and the flushing out of venous blood brings an increase in blood flow to the brain and a general feeling of well being. The endrocrine glands, the digestive system and the lymphatic system are also cleansed and re-vitalized.

Arms at the Wall Downward Facing Dog | Trinity Yoga

Arms at the Wall Downward Facing Dog

downward facing dog
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Arms-at-the-wall is a modification for the Downward Dog asana if you have a lot of wrist issues. This asana modification is also an excellent way to relieve stress in the shoulders and spine at your office, in the grocery line up, or at home in the kitchen between peeling and chopping.

Notice that the same action occurs in the arms – active hands – all knuckles pressed in, heel of the hand firmly connecting with the surface, and upper shoulders rolled out via the drawing down and broadening of the shoulder blades. Again you are getting all of the benefits of Downward Dog, as your head is lower than your heart.Continue to breathe and allow that hollow feeling in your lower belly.

You will need to pay attention to keeping the thighs active by continually lifting the kneecaps to emphasize the forward rotation of the pelvic floor. This is an asana you can do at the office, in the kitchen or at the park without any difficulty. Simply find the surface where you will place your hands at hip height. Then walk yourself back until your arms are straight.