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Energy Anatomy, What is it?

Everything in the universe is comprised of energy; it takes form in many vast and mysterious ways. We all have experienced faces of our own “energy”. Learn more about some of the more subtle and unseen forces that comprise your state of being. The energy we see is physical energy and yet there are many other forms that we cannot see. Wind, sound and thought are a few of the ones we cannot see and yet we know they exist.

What is “thought energy”, and how does it move as energy in our bodies? This is the question we will delve into here. This is a key concept to begin to understand and to feel familiar with. Many of you could probably relate to how different you feel when your mother is in front of you as compared to a very powerful person such as your boss or a movie star.

You also have a totally different “feel” when you are preparing to make a presentation, as compared to sitting out on your deck in the sun. How is it that some people can make you feel intimidated and some are absolutely neutral? This corresponds to your own energy field and the “data bank” that processes incoming energy/information, called your chakra system.

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Nutrition Tips

nutrition tips
Source: {http://www.cumc.columbia.edu/ihn/

With the huge increase in nutritional science and research, coupled with the alarming array of obesity and health related problems, it is no wonder that we as a nation are concerned and looking to all sorts of information from experts. Nutrition Tips make it as simple as possible and deal with some of the obvious issues and then wind our way into a more in depth look at nutrition and wellness. From all counts it is evident that the average North American diet is what’s killing us and causing weight problems.

It is not news to anyone that fast food, and diets highly concentrated in refined carbohydrates, cooked meats, saturated fats and sugar are the cause of many problems. This is not to say you have to give up your meat, you just need to adjust your nutrition perhaps.