Deepening your Yoga on and off the Mat – An Introduction to the Yamas and Niyamas

“Our challenge is to remain upright and graceful despite the forces of entropy, faithlessness, and greed – not in an attempt to change the world, rather to create an internal environment that has a peaceful and beneficial affect on our state of mind. When there is equanimity of mind, the affect on the world around … Read more

neti nose best

I irrigated my nostrils last night with my pseudo-neti-pot. It is an efficient tool, although it looks rather alarming, like a massive syringe. It got some hoots at my last teacher training course. Everyone wanted to see me shoot the water up my nose. I did it cautiously, with just the right umph to shoot … Read more

A Brief History of Yoga

Yoga is not simply a form of physical exercise, like calisthenics or aerobics. While it is certainly a great physical outlet, this is not the true purpose and technique of yoga. In many ways the physical aspect is just the point of contact. Beyond its physical aspect, lies the vast science of yoga. Its truths … Read more