Adaptive Yoga Workshop January

Do you need a jump-start of well-being for the New Year? Join me (Mary-Jo) and SCI-BC for a Adaptive Yoga workshop next Saturday January 18-11 to 2:30 pm at ICORD.
You will learn and experience:
How to deal with Pain and manage it better, through MINDFULNESS Techniques
How to access and utilize your physical and psycic CORE Body to develop more capacity to manage stress, change and physical challenges.
How to develop a basic SELF CARE and YOGA Ritual for well-being and BALANCE
How to use VISION Boards and Goal-setting to create your desired outcomes in living a Self fulfilling Life.
Join us, It is FREE!!!

How Adaptive and Accessible are You?

Hello friends. Recently I was preparing the training manual for a course on Adaptive Yoga and I got to thinking about the two terms: Adaptive & Accessible. They are becoming more prevalent lately, as our collective culture strives more and more to embrace human and biological diversity. It is a great shift. Darwin was probably the first public figure to highlight the Adaptive nature of biology, ours included. The word ‘adapt’ is defined as; “To adjust oneself to different conditions, environment, etc.: to adapt easily to all circumstances.” That sounds like smart and important qualities to have. How often have you felt stuck in a situation where, due to your unwillingness to change your perspective or Adapt, you (and possibly another) end up suffering?

The crucible of our ability to Adapt actually lies within our capacity to be Accessible. Accessibility is not just about physical features that allow a person to enter a building etc. No – rather accessibility at the fundamental level suggests an ability to be open, approachable, capable of including all. In its essence the concept further suggests a quality of effortlessness or ease. To cultivate an attitude of accessability or openness means I may adapt more easily to all circumstances. Now that sounds like an end to most causes of stress and the enviable suffering it can cause.

Why don’t you join us in Calgary at the upcoming Adaptive Yoga Training and learn how to make Yoga accessible for every-body. This is a two day course, March 10 & 11th at Mount Royal University. Space is now limited, Register now at

I am also super excited to announce I will be presenting at the Toronto Accessible Yoga Conference this June 22-24th. The conference is a fabulous opportunity to meet and learn from amazing individuals who are pioneering how yoga as a healing art and science can benefit all. The other really cool thing happening that weekend will be a Guinness World Book event of The World’s largest ever Accessible Yoga Class which I will co-teach with Jivana Heyman and other AY ambassadors. This will coincide with The International Day of Yoga – WOW! Don’t miss out – If you register right now, up until February 28 you will receive 10% off Tickets on sale now! total by using “mary-jo” in the promo code. See you there!



Adaptive Yoga Training

What is ‘Adaptive Yoga? Who can benefit from Adaptive Yoga? What is yoga & why does it work? The yoga basics, The Assessment, Adjustment & Adaptation process. The ‘Body as a Resource’. Somatic and Physiology of stress, pain, dis-ease. Alignment Principals for Every-body. Anatomy & Nervous System. Adaptive Yoga – An Introduction. Who can do Adaptive/Restorative yoga? Why and How. Tools for facilitating an Adaptive Session-equipment, props, bolsters
To introduce the basic tools, theories and techniques of yoga. To explain, experience and summarize various health conditions. To familiarize students with the process of: Assessment, Adjustment, & Adaptation. To develop a working knowledge of the tools, props, technique and principals of Adaptive Yoga and alignment. To train the basic postures, adjustments and breathing techniques to Healthcare provider’s, family, caregivers, yoga teachers and clients.