Prep For Downward Dog

This is an especially effective asana for those of you who have very tight shoulders and extremely tight hamstrings (back of the legs).Due to these two commonly tight areas, many of my students strain their shoulders and lower backs in Downward Dog to avoid the tightness in the hamstrings. I recommend doing a few of this particular modification in every practice as a way of releasing the hips and shoulders in preparation for Downward Dog, no matter who you are.In this asana modification we will add a new element to Child’s Pose by coming off the knees. Slowly straighten one leg and then the other as a way of relieving the hamstring slowly and gently. Begin from the active Child’s Pose position shown in the first picture. Keeping the arms active, push away from the hands and curl your toes under (this is an excellent modification for those of you who wear shoes all the time).