Final week at KYM

Although nothing can compare to a Trinity closing circle the final day of the KYM International Program was certainly special. Students and teachers shared a south Indian lunch served on palm leaves and a closing ceremony with speeches, chanting and certificates.

During the week we were treated to several special presentations – a classical dance performance and an asana demonstration by our teacher, Lara. Between other dazzling feats he performed each vinyasa with one leg behind his head. I take back anything I said about the simplicity of the practice!
Throughout the last week we were given several opportunities to question TKV and Kaustub Desikachar about anything that has come up for us during the course, the yoga path and/or life.

One classmate asked, “I live in LA where I have learned from many teachers but still I have not found the right one. How does one find a teacher?”

Kaustub replied, “Well, let me ask you – are you ready to be a student?”
Perhaps when we are ready we do not need to search.

Here at the KYM, where the lessons of Krishnamacharya are carried on with faith and diligence, I feel I visited the heart of yoga. Continuous acts of compassion, healing and devotion opened my eyes wider yet to the infinite wisdom of the yoga path. Before leaving, with head bowed, I placed lotus flowers at the photograph of Krishnamacharya and the statue of Patanjali.

I am grateful to my teachers in India as well as my teachers at home and all the teachers I have yet to meet. And in answer to Kaustub’s question – Yes, I am ready to be a student.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me!
OM shanti namaste.