A witness of duality

Traveling with my partner Mairen, Trevor and Ally a few weeks ago I noticed a very interesting difference. A seeming division with Trevor and I on one side of the car and Mairen and Ally on the other. The discussion, primarily around global warming, was split down the middle and yet there was this balance … Read more

Teaching from Truth

What do we do if asked to teach a style of yoga that is not our preferred practice?I recently moved to a small town and, despite concern that I would not find work, was offered a teaching position at a beautiful studio. I was offered All-Levels Ashtanga classes and it is expected that I will … Read more

Final week at KYM

Although nothing can compare to a Trinity closing circle the final day of the KYM International Program was certainly special. Students and teachers shared a south Indian lunch served on palm leaves and a closing ceremony with speeches, chanting and certificates. During the week we were treated to several special presentations – a classical dance … Read more