A witness of duality

Traveling with my partner Mairen, Trevor and Ally a few weeks ago I noticed a very interesting difference. A seeming division with Trevor and I on one side of the car and Mairen and Ally on the other.

The discussion, primarily around global warming, was split down the middle and yet there was this balance between emotional, tangible and witness, acceptance.I have been doing a fair bit of reading lately on Tantric belief and philosophy, including The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida, and this has all got me to thinking.

I am curious to know your experiences around your life and practice.

Women: in your daily life and yoga practice do you find caught up in your bodies, in the sense you very much identify your self by what it is doing. Notice a tendency to be so absorbed in your Shatki that you lose your witness, the ability to distinguish self between your thoughts and feelings?

Men: In your daily life and yoga practice do you find that it is possibly being somewhat narrated by a third person, this tendency to want to watch the entirety of what is going on without making a strong connection to the sensation of it.

I would also be interested in how you think your practice could bring about further balance. A complete comfortablilty in both polarities, so to allow for your fullest expression of being/

Much Love