When to start teaching?

Are you thinking of becoming a teacher? Perhaps you’ve registered for a yoga teacher training program; you’re currently training, or you’ve recently graduated. Now the question is swimming in your brain – am I ready to teach?

I myself wondered: am I prepared for the responsibility of guiding a yoga practice? Do I have enough wisdom to impart?

These questions kept me stuck for a while. I was waiting for the conditions to be perfect, my knowledge to be vast, my personal practice to be advanced.

I soon discovered that teaching was the ultimate learning tool. I’d study and spend an exorbitant amount of time creating class plans – only to discover that – like life – classes were full of surprises.

On a technical note – I spaced my three levels (60 hours/each) out over 1.5 years. After Level One & Two I dabbled in some teaching. I taught yoga in the park (by donation) and graciously accepted subbing offers when they arose.

I know teachers-in-training that jump right into teaching after Level One. A lot has to do with ones confidence and willingness to take risks.

When I say “risk” I do not mean this in an injurious way. If you are considering teaching prior to completing your certification – please be aware of potential health hazards (i.e. contraindications).

Yoga injuries are becoming more prevalent and because of this – many studios require yoga teachers to have insurance.

Apprenticing with a senior teacher is a wonderful way to gain hands-on experience. Once you have learned physical modifications of asanas it is great to have the opportunity to practice them.

Many teacher are more than happy to have an assistant. Be sure to clarify what both of your expectations are.

So are you ready to teach? The key is to teach what you know to be true from your own practice. Have confidence in your ability and be humble before your students – they will become your teachers.