Yoga for Pregnancy and Beyond review

The inaugural Yoga for Pregnancy and Beyond weekend intensive was unveiled in Calgary April 20-22 with 9 students taking part.Imagine our world where starting back as early as when you were a wee being beginning to grow and swim around in your momma’s womb, you had a deep connection to ‘AUM’ and the fluid nature of reality.
Well, naturally we all do have the inner memory somewhere inside our cells. Imagine a world where all mommas to be, whether for the first time or not, gather to share their sacred journey. Co-creating a deeply healing and empowering experience in their bodies, souls and minds with the ancient tools of breath, yoga asana, sound, drumming, color and celebration.
The Yoga for Pregnancy and Beyond is based on this vision and was created to both address the very important physical changes and inherent challenges while opening the field of ‘prenatal yoga’ to a more holistic experience for all. The women who attended came with eager enquiring minds to learn how and what to share with this special and sacred group of women and babies in our world and left empowered, totally excited and full of vision for transformative classes held far and wide.
Imagine Yoga for Pregnancy and Beyond classes for women in the public who have a team of instructors, two or more skilled yoga teachers who are able to provide top level care, attention and knowledge for any size class. That is also what Trinity Yoga’ Yoga for Pregnancy and Beyond intensive workshop holds as a new vision.

The course is being ‘tweaked’ and improved to include more hours, more attention to the ‘beyond’ or after baby arrives experience. Stay tuned for upcoming course dates and if you would like to have this course in your city or area, please make that request directly to Jennifer Steed or to the main office.

The next scheduled weekend of YPB is in September in Vancouver and again in Edmonton later in September. Stay tuned to the site for correct dates as some things change. Or rather, all things in life change and that is what yoga is here to help us weather.

Jennifer Steed