Throat issues/adenoid swelling

In response to a forum question here are some thoughts on swollen and painful adenoids, immune tissue in the deep throat region. These tissue clusters are often removed at the time of a tonsilectomy however in some people there is recurrent swelling and related throat pain.

The swelling indicates an infection which must be addressed. The body will be heavily taxed by trying to fight off the infection and many factors could be pre-empting this. Dietary factors could be considered crucial in this regard along with emotional stagnation in the expressive center.

For dietary factors one can use a clove of garlic held in the mouth to fight the common streptoccal bacteria that may be present. Ginger tea is very potent as well. Reduce or eradicate foods that are pre-packaged, over cooked, stale or other wise void of nutrients. Go with fresh, whole and vital foods. Avoid all sugars, especially refined. Drink plenty of purified water to flush the system. Avoid coffee, black tea or other stimulants.
Zinc lozenges can be very helpful as are propolis or grapefruit seed extract sprays for the throat area.

One may need to assess whether there is an underlying smoldering dental infection as well.
Using cold cloth neck wraps can also bring the heat and swelling down.

For yoga postures, work with the Restorative style practises for deep relaxation and stress reduction while gently opening the throat area. Go slowly and sensitively and you may be able to fully realize any underlying causes therein.