the yoga of climbing 1

I reluctantly entered my first climbing competition yesterday. I dragged my heels getting there, convinced that I was too tired to climb. I moaned and dramatized my moontime apana, knowing that fear the root of my lethargy.I love climbing and I’m quite competitive. Sounds like a perfect match for a climbing competition. The only problem … Read more

Living Gracefully

This month, it will have been a year since I was handed my very first yoga book. Certainly at that point in my life, if I was to choose a yoga book, it wouldn’t have been “Yoga from the inside out”, by Christina Sell. The book, with a forward by John Friend, Anusara Yoga Founder, … Read more

10 Week Program

One great aspect of a consecutive week program is that you can build from class to class and develop a relationship with your students. This will help as 24 students is a large class for most teachers and you will need to stay very present in order to meet all their needs. I would suggest … Read more