Keeping in Shape

I made a switch to yoga and tai chi a few years ago and here are my results – I’ve lost a bit of my bulk yet I’ve stayed quite toned – leaner muscle, stronger in some ways – I feel like I’m in better shape than ever. A couple key points to consider… if … Read more

Yoga Once a Week?

For many students it is challenging to create and maintain a home based practise. One way to ensure that you get some home practice in during the week to enhance the many benefits of such a powerful practice you might like to buy a DVD or audio CD to help lead you through a series. … Read more

Quality Sleep

Depending on what type of yoga you are practicing it is a good idea to finish your day with some Restorative Yoga before bed. This relaxing style used natural openings enhanced through the use of cushions and other props to facilitate the relaxation response to occur. Many of these postures are also great for opening … Read more